Cheaha Mountain

Our 7th and final high point on our south east trip was Cheaha Mountain- the highest point in Alabama.

Jeb had never been to Alabama before and I had only ever just driven through.

This high point is in a state park so we had to pay $5 per person to get in. Unfortunately it was one of the fastest ways we’ve ever dropped $10 before since we were probably only here 10 minutes total

This was literally one of the most humid places I have ever been in my life. The second we stepped out of the car it was just oppressively humid. I think you can even tell from these pictures, in that they are kind of hazy, just how thick the air was. We went into the building to climb the stairs to the top and check out the view.

It was even hotter and more humid inside the building… And this was our reward for sweating our way to the top… Another cloudy high point summit lol.

Good think they had a sign because you definitely wouldn’t know for sure that this is a high point otherwise!

I enjoyed being able to rack up so many high points quickly on this trip, but for some reason- even though it wasn’t, it almost felt like cheating since they were all so easy. It is definitely much more rewarding to actually earn a high point after a difficult hike!

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