Another town that we visited on our South East trip was Charleston, South Carolina. I have been to Charleston several times but Jeb had never been.

I went to Charleston for the first time in high school with my mom. Throughout high school and college I ended up there several more times, and it was always a fun place to visit. So I was excited to show Jeb around! One place that we went to was to the market in the downtown area. There are lots of neat hand made items for sale there, so we made sure to get our Christmas ornament!

One thing I like about Charleston is that it is a small enough town that you can just walk everywhere you want to go. We walked over to the waterfront park area. These fountains are neat because you are actually allowed to get in them and “swim”, the signs specifically say so.

We were in this area in the morning and it was pretty cloudy and stormy. It rained on us a little bit during our walk, but not too bad.

Jeb with the neat looking bridge behind him.

This is another fountain that you are allowed to get in. It was early in the morning so no one else was there. But I have been there before on hot days when there are actually a lot of people in it.

We forgot to take a selfie in front of it!

Headed down to the end of the peninsula. I love the look of all of the old fashioned colorful houses. The architecture of a lot of them is really neat looking, but definitely super impractical. Also it is insane how expensive all of these houses are!

Down at battery park. I love the look of these trees!

Another thing we did in Charleston (that I don’t have any pictures of), was we took a nighttime walking tour called “The Dark Side of Charleston”. It was pretty interesting and informative, plus fun to learn about the darker non-tourist friendly history of the city.

Jeb with the balls! lol. I have a very similar picture of me like this from a previous trip years ago. Charleston was also significant because it was the only hotel we stayed in on the whole trip. Always nice to have a real bed to sleep in and a real shower, after several nights of camping, and with several more nights of camping coming up.

We ate dinner at the Noisy Oyster downtown. I had always really liked this place growing up but unfortunately our experience there this time was pretty crappy. Between an awful waiter and a meal that ended up being really small relative to the price, we left pretty disappointed. The bright side though is the next day on our way out of town we found this small, local, family run BBQ buffet. It was inexpensive, had tons of options, and it was delicious! 🙂

Also, we decided to visit the firefly distillery just south of Charleston. I’m glad we did this because it probably ended up being the highlight of our time in Charleston. I had never been before and always wanted to go.

We did a tasting there and had such a hard time deciding what to buy because everything ended up being so good!

We finally settled on three different bottles to take back with us. We bought lemonade vodka, sweet tea whisky, and strawberry moonshine. Buy the end of our trip we had 5 bottles of liquor to bring back with us! We had to do some serious rearranging of our suitcases to get everything to fit, and to not go over the 50 pound weight limit!

And we saw a really green lizard!

We had a fun time in Charleston but I think I’ve finally done everything I wanted to do there. With so many places to see and so many trip plans for the future, I kind of doubt we will ever be back. But that’s okay! 🙂

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