Cathedral Spires: Black Hills

Almost a year ago Jeb and I visited the Black Hills. We really liked this area way more than we had expected to. I think we get spoiled by living in Colorado and sometimes go into it with an attitude that other less glamorous sounding states won’t be as cool. However, when we drove on the scenic Needles Highway last year, we knew we wanted to come back and do some more hiking.


This time we decided to do the short but pretty, Cathedral Spires hike.


Formations like this are all over the place in the Black Hills region. I think if we lived there we would definitely have no choice but to get more into rock climbing.


We lucked out on a really beautiful day, with the perfect amount of blue sky and white clouds!


Throughout this hike we kept seeing wild berries. Jeb informed me that they were just raspberries, and therefore perfectly safe to eat. I told him I’m not an idiot and that I’ve seen the Hunger Games. There is no way I’m eating random wild berries! lol.


Sadly though Jeb ate the berry that was probably pretty yummy, and I did not haha.


Another thing I love about this area is that the rocks are shiny and sparkly. Jeb said it is the mica in the rocks. It was really cool because you could flake off sheets of shiny mica from the rocks with just your finger nails




Maybe we are photo snobs but usually we think strangers take really crappy pictures of us. Often times our selfies end up being way better. But this one we liked 🙂 Although we had to be a little small in it to get everything in, they didn’t cut off the top of the rock, or make half of the picture the sky, or have like half of the picture be the ground in front of our feet haha. Maybe it’s not nice of me to say, but those are the things we usually end up with that make the picture suck.





When we got to the end of this hike, at the base of the rocks, Jeb noticed that we could see Harney Peak- the South Dakota high point from up there. We had hiked this last year and it was really neat to be able to look at it and get this view of it from farther away.


You can kind of see the stone structure at the top of Harney Peak in this picture. It is an old fire lookout tower that still remains. Jeb had his binoculars with him, and with those we could easily make out tons of people at the top of Harney Peak. We have fond memories of that hike, so we were happy to see it again!


Not a bad selfie if I do say so myself 😉 Jeb has so much practice at taking them that I do think we’ve gotten pretty good at it!


Although this was just a short stop on our way to North Dakota, there was no way we could drive past the Black Hills without making some time for a stop! I have a feeling we’ll be back again someday 🙂

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