Capitol Reef National Park

The very first place we went on our Utah Trip was to Capitol Reef National Park. I think since Utah has so many well known spectacular national parks (Arches, Zion, Bryce, etc), this one often gets overlooked on people’s trips. But we enjoyed it very much and were definitely glad we made time for it.





We decided to hike Sulfur Creek while we were there.



IMG_4377    DSCN1277

Based off of what we had read online, we had thought we were going to be walking through more of a dry wash. Instead when we got there we found Sulfur Creek to be flowing pretty good. We tried very hard in the beginning to cross back and forth without getting wet, but eventually we had no choice but to give in and hike through the creek.



Me on the opposite side of the creek.





DSCN1262   IMG_4385

We scrambled down along the edges of this waterfall without too much difficulty.


But this waterfall proved to be much more of a challenge. Me sitting there trying to figure out how to get down. The water was flowing too fast and hard for me to go through the waterfall. And the water below was not deep enough to just jump down into from the top of a 6 foot waterfall. So instead after Jeb carefully navigated his way down he came over to help me. I put one foot on his shoulder below and then one to his knee and kinda slid down as he grabbed me around the waist. Jeb started to wobble backwards and took a few steps. For a moment I thought we had it, and then he fall backwards into the pool of water with me on top of him lol. But we made it down safely nonetheless!

DSCN1307 DSCN1311





Looking down one of the waterfalls.



At Capitol Reef there is an orchard that grows a lot of different fruits. We were bummed that nothing was in season while we were there. However, we did buy this salsa and pumpkin butter from their country store, and they both were delicious!


I definitely recommend not overlooking Capitol Reef if you plan a trip to Utah. But my suggestion is to get out and do some hiking (even if it isn’t Sulfur Creek!) because there is a lot to see at this park, and not as much is visible from just major car pull off spots.

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