Canyonlands National Park (our 2nd time)

Again, Jeb and I had just been here a month prior, but we decided to go back to Canyonlands with Natalie and Bret on their trip.


We went to Canyonlands after our Canyoneering trip so we were all pretty exhausted, and not up for any major difficult hikes. We all (minus Bret who was diving) fell asleep on the drive to the park. Lizard!


Last time Jeb and I went to the main district of the park that is more touristy but probably also a little more scenic. This time we went to the Needles District to see something different.


I think Canyonlands is a really neat national park, but as some parks are more what I call “drive through parks” where you can see the best places from your car, others- like Canyonlands (in my opinion) are parks that you have to really get out there and do something like backpacking to fully appreciate it.


That being said, it is still pretty even just driving through and doing short little hikes!


The worst part of this area was that we were being eaten alive by mosquitos!


Jeb kept calling this area the pinnacles and I would correct him and say needles and 5 minutes later he would say pinnacles again lol. Oh well, all the same thing I guess.


Clouds (the right amount of them) always help make a picture look more dramatic!


Jeb and I are hoping at some point to come back and do a couple days backpacking in the maze district. But there are just always so many places we want to go to.


Rock seat!


Close up of their cozy looking rock seat.


Jeb looks pretty epic with this landscape behind him!




After finishing up at Canyonlands we headed back to Moab where we found an awesome restaurant with a pizza buffet. We also split a pitcher of beer. Doesn’t get much better than a day of canyoneering, national parks, pizza and beer! 🙂



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