Cameron, Lincoln, and Bross

One week after we encountered such crappy weather on Mt. Democrat we headed back to the Mosquito Range of mountains in Colorado to hike the remaining Mt. Lincoln, Mt. Cameron, and Mt. Bross.


This time we camped at the trailhead the night before. The road to the trail is horrible and you definitely want a car with higher clearance than Blue Raz (my Honda Fit). Despite Jeb’s super careful and skilled driving and maneuvering around rocks, the bottom scraped just a little bit. It was making a horrible sound all the way back and made it seem like something was really bad. Thank goodness it just bent something underneath a little bit that was causing the rattling sound, so it was just a $50 fix.


We got an even earlier start this time, but it didn’t seem to matter this day. The weather was beautiful. This trip was a couple of firsts for us. It was our first time sleeping above 12,000 feet. And it was also our tallest 14er summited to date.


This is the view from the top of Mt. Cameron, the first one we went to (since we had already done Democrat).


It is funny to me how flat these group of 14ers are on top compared to some of the more difficult and scary ones in other places in the state!


Despite the difficulty of trying to complete multiple 14ers in the same day, this was the strongest I have felt on them so far.


We then headed over to Mt. Lincoln and this is the view from there.


I was surprised there was still this much snow for late July. I feel like I write that a lot on here, so maybe we need to stop being surprised by seeing snow any time of the year!


I really like this picture that a stranger got of us! 🙂 Also I love that people leave these signs up there with the name of the mountain and the elevation, we don’t ever have to bring them ourselves.


Finally we went over to Mt. Bross. Technically it is considered private property and you are not supposed to go on it because it is currently “closed”. But this was definitely one of those bandwagon moments, because everyone else was going over there lol. It was a short detour to get to it so we quickly hurried through and just took our one picture and then got off the summit before we could somehow get in trouble! The summit of Bross wasn’t much to look at anyways.


After this picture just a short but insanely loose, steep, and painful descent back to the car was all that remained. I think the descent down Bross is my least favorite of any 14er so far! We were happy to be back at the car and to have completed the famous 4 pack of Colorado 14ers. Even if it took 2 attempts at it!

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