Calf Creek Falls

Everytime we drive from Capitol Reef down to Escalante Utah, we pass the sign for Calf Creek Falls. Usually we are in a hurry to get somewhere and don’t have time to do the hike. We googled it and saw what a pretty waterfall it is, and decided to make time on a future trip to come back and hike to it.

The hike isn’t too challenging and mostly flat. The only thing that makes it a little more difficult is a lot of loose sand. Anytime you are hiking through miles of loose sand, it wears you out after a while.

It rained on us off and on and we were a little concerned because there was a flash flood warning issued before we started the hike. It didn’t sound like too much of the hike would be in a tight canyon, so we decided to still do the hike. I’m glad we did, because the waterfall was well worth it, and the weather ended up being fine.

I really like the blueish green color that the rock turns from where the water has hit it. The pictures with us in it really show just how tall and massive the waterfall is. I wish I could rappel down it…

I think if it hadn’t rained and cooled off the temperature and us a lot, I would have been really tempted to jump in and go for a swim!

Us with the waterfall, looking like it is coming out of our heads lol.

We were headed on from here to our campground at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State park, for another Utah adventure!

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