“C” is for Cheese Making

Jeb chose Cheese Making for “C”. We signed up for a class through Dabble to take while Jeb’s mom would be in town. In our class we also made homemade butter. It was delicious!


Jeb with the ricotta cheese and me with mozzarella. We also made cottage cheese and go to try homemade buttermilk. Not good for our diet, but it was all very tasty!


Jeb’s mom, Sherry and her boyfriend Steve. They had a great time and even bought a kit to make their own mozzarella cheese back in Maryland! So apparently according to our cheese class teacher you can’t bring the mozzarella that is already made on an airplane, but Steve didn’t want to lose his cheese so he snuck it through TSA!


All of us together. Wine + cheese = a great time!

IMG_0736 (1)

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