Bucket List

Our Bucket List (A work in progress!)

Long Term Goals [0/5]
1. Hike all of Colorado’s 14ers (16/58)

2. Go to all the National Parks in the US (38/59)

3. Complete all the State High Points (25/50)

4. Do something fun in each of the 50 states (specific to the state) (37/50)

5. Go to the “99 Most Scenic Places in Colorado” (based on an article online) (?/99)

Hikes [1/15]
1. Mt. Kilimanjaro (highest point in Africa)

2. Mt. Elbrus (highest point in Europe)

3. Everest Base Camp Trek

4. Hike to Machu Picchu

5. Through hike the Colorado trail

6. Through hike the Appalachian trail

7. Hike the pacific crest trail

8. Hike Yosemite’s Half Dome

9. ✅ Backpack Coyote Gulch (Grand Staircase Escalante)


10. Backpack Buckskin Gulch (Grand Staircase Escalante)

11. The Snowman Trek, Bhutan

12. Pembrokeshire Coast Path, Wales

13. Haute Route , France and Switzerland

14. Mt. Rainier Wonderland Trail

Image result for mt rainier wonderland trail

15. Backpacking along the Pacific Coast

Countries to Visit [0/11]
1. Morocco


2. Switzerland

3. Greece

4. Germany

5. Ireland

6. Spain

7. Japan

8. New Zealand

9. Patagonia

10. Go to Nordic Countries and do a winter tour, Lapland (ice breaker ship, northern lights, reindeers, and more!)

Image result for lapland finland

11. Visit every continent

Specific Locations to See [9/30]
1. Havasu Falls, Arizona

2. Havasu Creek, Arizona (kayak it)

3. The Wave, Arizona

4. . ✅ Zion “Subway”, Utah


5. ✅ Lake Tahoe, California

6. Valhalla, Oregon

7. ✅ Oneonta Gorge, Oregon


8. Big Sur, California


9. Skagit Tulip Festival, Washington

10. Jacob’s Well, Texas

11. Hamilton Pool, Texas

12. Whitaker Point, Arkansas

13. Haiku Stairs of Oahu, Hawaii

Image result for haiku stairs oahu

14. Thor’s Well, Oregon

15. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

16. ✅ Take Jeb to Charleston South Carolina

17. ✅  Hanging Lake (in the winter), Colorado

18. Watkins Glen state park, New York

19.✅ Palouse falls, Washington

20. Na pali coast state park, Hawaii

21. ✅ Monument valley, Arizona

22. ✅ Antelope Canyon on Lake Powell (kayak), Arizona

23. Ice bubbles Lake Abraham, Alberta Canada

24. Angkor Wat, Cambodia


25. Tufa towers Mono Lake, California

26. ✅ Sonoran Desert, Arizona


27. St. Basil’s Cathedral, Russia

28. Pamukkale, Turkey

29. Ha long bay, Vietnam

30. Bioluminescence water Vieques, Puerto Rico.

Image result for Bioluminescence water

Places to Spend the Night [1/5]
1. Spend a night in an igloo

2.✅Spend a night in a yurt

3. Spend a night in a treehouse

4. Spend a night in a tipi

5. Go Glamping

Activities to Try/Experiences [8/40]
1. Learn to whitewater kayak


2. Hike a winter 14er

3. Ski down a 14er

4. Go in a hot air balloon

5. ✅ Ride in a snow cat


6. Photograph the northern lights (seen them but didn’t get a good picture)

7. Photograph the milky way (saw it but didn’t get a good picture)

8. Go paragliding

9. Go parasailing (Been before but not with Jeb)

10. ✅ Go ATVing on sand dunes

11. Ride a camel in the desert

12. Raft the grand canyon

13. See a polar bear in the wild

14. See penguins in the wild

15. Go scuba diving

16. Canyoneering in Grand Staircase Escalante

17. Rappel down a waterfall

18. ✅ Successfully grow our own garden


19. ✅  Go on a scenic train dinner

20. Go dog sledding

21. Drive go karts

22. Try water skiing

23. ✅ Go to a pick your own farm (Cherry picking in Oregon)


24. ✅ Try snowboarding together

25. Try backcountry skiing

26. Try skijoring

27. Rent pontoon boats

28. ✅ Concert or movie at red rocks

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

29. ✅ 10th mountain division hut trip

30. Snowshoe 5K

31. Try fly fishing

32. Helicopter ride together

33. Take sailing lessons

34. Go skydiving


35. Ride on a seaplane

36. Go on an African Safari

37. Kite Surfing (preferably in the Hood River area!)

Image result for kite surfing

38. Windsurfing

Image result for windsurfing

39. Canadian Rockies Train Trip

Image result for canadian rockies train trip

40. Glacier Kayaking

Image result for glacier kayaking

Physical Accomplishments [1/5]
1. ✅ Complete a half marathon


2. Complete a tough mudder

3. Do a (short) triathlon

4. “Beat” Beethoven at a “Beat Beethoven Run

5. Do the Seattle to Portland bike ride race

National Monuments to go to [3/6]
1. Vermillion cliffs national monument

2. Lava tubes national monument

3. ✅  Organ pipe cactus national monument

4. Devils post pile national monument

5. ✅ White Sands National Monument


6.  ✅ Oregon Caves National Monument


Cave Related [0/14]
1. Join a cave grotto
2. Rappel into a cave

3. Eben Ice Caves, Michigan

4. Fantastic cave, Georgia

5. Kazumura cave, Hawaii

6. Onandago cave, Missouri

7. Glow Worms Cave, New Zealand

8. Blue grotto capri, Italy

9. Minehanna falls, Minnesota

10. Cenote caves, Mexico

11. Blue caves Zakynthos, Greece


12. Basalt caves, Scotland

13. Marble caves, Patagonia

14. Cave of the crystals, Mexico (if EVER possible)

Crafts/Hobbies (more so for Amy) [2/11]
1. Create our own cookbook

2. Take a glass blowing class

3. ✅ Take a pottery class

4. Learn to make candles (the ones with the twisted sides with different colors/layers)

5. Take soap making class

6. ✅ Tie dye clothes together


7. Complete “1st year in Colorado” Scrapbook

8. Make a coaster coffee table (like the coasters we gave out at our wedding)

9. Make a “catio” [need to add link]

10. Print “rainbow” pictures for our wall (each color shows different scenic place we’ve been to)

11. Learn to quilt

Dining [0/1]
1. Dine in an underwater restaurant

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