Brasstown Bald

The first high point that we went to on our south east trip was the highpoint of Georgia- Brasstown bald.

We were surprised by how pretty the area was around the high point on the drive to it. We went through a bunch of places in Northern Georgia that actually seemed like pretty cool vacation towns, with lots of watersports and things to do.

For this high point there is a parking lot 0.6 miles from the summit. You have the option of either hiking the fairly steep 0.6 miles to get to the summit, or you can ride a shuttle bus all the way to the top.

There was no way we were going to wait in line to ride the barfy shuttle bus when we could just walk it! The path was paved and everything, so it didn’t even require true hiking. It was funny to me how many people did ride the bus though.

On the way up people kept telling us encouragingly “you’re almost there”. It was a nice gesture but it was pretty hilarious to me. Considering how many difficult hikes we have done before I couldn’t help but find this funny.

Thanks to the tall structure at the summit we had a 360 panoramic view of the area. It was a little cloudy as the storms were rolling in around us, but it was pretty nonetheless.

Since this was the first high point of our trip we didn’t realize that we wouldn’t have a single cloud free summit on the entire trip! lol.

This structure used to be a fire lookout tower.

We were there towards the end of the day in terms of the shuttle hours. So when we went down there were a bunch of people that had taken the shuttle up that now were forced with the “miserable” task of actually having to walk the 0.6 miles back down, gasp!!

We were glad this high point was operated by the national park service, so our annual pass got us in for free. With 7 high points total on our trip, we were happy for each one that didn’t cost anything!

I don’t think most people think of Georgia as being as hilly as this area is!

Not a hard one, but still a pretty east coast high point! We had to hurry on from here because we still had a long drive to do to get to Mammoth Cave National Park.

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