Blue Lakes – Breckenridge

When my Dad came to visit in September we knew we wanted to go somewhere scenic for photography. Originally our plan was to go to Crested Butte to Kebler pass to see the fall colors. The only problem was the winter came early this year! The fall colors were already past their prime by the end of September. So we originally thought we would go to Crested Butte and it would still be beautiful even if it looked like winter! But then the forecast was predicting up to feet of snow in that area! With several mountain passes required to go over to get there, we decided to stay closer to home!

Instead we decided to go to the Blue Lakes in the Breckenridge area. When we first got there it was super cloudy and didn’t look good at all (for the sake of photography). Fortunately by the time we finished bundling up the clouds broke for just a few minutes and we got a few pretty pictures!

These pictures really don’t look like October 1st to me, so snowy on the mountains behind us!

My dad and I, with him borrowing Bret’s hat to stay warm!

We decided to walk up to the upper lake. As we started walking up the clouds started coming back in, the wind picked up, and it started snowing pretty hard on us! After this point we didn’t linger for too long because I started to worry about driving back down the unpaved road in the weather.

This was the upper lake, unfortunately in this direction it was completely dark and cloudy!

Although our original plans didn’t work out, I was glad we were still able to take my dad to somewhere scenic in Colorado, for a fairly decent photography opportunity!

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