Blue Lagoon

A lot of people have heard of or even seen pictures of the iconic Blue Lagoon Hot Spring in Iceland. We were certain our trip would have to include a stop here.


What we didn’t know, and were surprised to find out when we got there, is that the water is actually salt water. Living in Colorado, Jeb and I have been to a lot of hot springs before, but never one with salt water.


Even if it hadn’t been beautiful and relaxing we would have been happy just to be warm. One of the coolest features of the hot spring is that you can get into it while still inside and then wade into the water outside so that you don’t have to freeze by walking outside first.


Also, like going to some sort of tropical resort, there was a swim up bar! We paid for the admission package that included 1 drink each, so we each had a beer.


I honestly think we are spoiled when it comes to beer, especially since the United States is the leader of the craft beer movement- because we really didn’t think any of the Icelandic beer was very good. Plus it’s a hard pill to swallow when you are shelling out the equivalent of $10 for a 4% beer…


Once we got outside in the water, we kept wishing the water was a little warmer. So we kept constantly moving around to find the hottest spot, because some areas were a lot warmer than others. Just a tip if you go someday, the hottest area is over by the spa area where they do the massages and stuff.


Our admission package included these face mask things. Also there is an area in the hot spring where you can put this thicker almost mud like stuff on. It was a lot of fun, especially because believe it or not Jeb has never had a face mask like this on before! lol.




This was one of the more interesting/pretty sunsets we saw on our trip.


Weird mineral deposits that have built up from the hot spring. I am always really fascinated by these things. It was similar to the Pinkerton Hot Spring in Durango.


Doesn’t look very happy about the weird clay like stuff haha.






Hot springs shower!




The minerals turned the rocks white!


Almost dark at the hot spring. Of course this was probably like 3:30 in the afternoon or something! Took some adjusting to only having about 4 hours of daylight!


Definitely worth the money to go to Blue Lagoon!

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