Black Mountain

So the highest point of Kentucky is this place called Black Mountain. Like so many of the east coast high points, it is just a drive up. No hike required, and really no hike even a possibility. In reading our book written by these two high pointers (how we got into high pointing in the first place) they specifically talked about the Kentucky high point as one where you have almost no choice but to reflect on how arbitrary and strange the concept of high pointing is.

There are times when I can totally understand the idea of high pointing being strange. After all these aren’t the highest points in the country, they are just the highest point within some man made determined geographic boundary of what a state is.

But for me there is so much more to high pointing than that. For me what I love about it is that it takes us all over the country. We end up seeing so many weird, beautiful, and unique places that we wouldn’t have ever seen if we weren’t on this quest. Also, we end up meeting/observing various interesting people along the way.

Plus to me there is something special about showing up at a place that seems so pointless and uneventful and thinking to yourself “there is no way anyone else is going to be here today” and invariably (this one including) there is almost always someone else there. Whether they are dedicated high pointers or just someone that happened to be in the area and saw a sign, we don’t usually know. But it is neat to see that we are never the only ones with this idea in mind.

And to be honest, while I’m on the topic of defending my love of high pointing 😉 I am an obsessive and dedicated list maker. So to me the concept of this huge list and massive undertaking is really fulfilling. Crossing things off a list is ALWAYS fun to me. 🙂

We drove through some very rural areas of Kentucky to get here. It definitely puts into perspective how different so many people’s lives are from the ones we lead.

Definitely not the most scenic or satisfying of high points, but we did drive through some pretty areas of Kentucky to get here, and I can now happily cross Kentucky off of the list 🙂

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