Black Mesa

After we moved to Colorado we went a little while without getting any more high points because we were just so busy with exploring our new state. So when we drove to Texas for a spring break cruise, I decided to look it up and see if there were any high points on our way. It turned out that it wasn’t too far out of the way to stop at the Oklahoma high point.

Oklahoma was our 5th high point. On our drive through Oklahoma we went through a lot of areas with almost nothing around. Several times we ended up in small towns where really the only place to eat was Dairy Queen. Therefore we had a nutritious pre hike lunch at Dairy Queen, which consisted of chicken tenders with warm gravy, french fries and ice cream.

As usual we had some trouble finding it. We turned down a road and the lone pronghorn living there got very angry with us! It “got big” and tried to act aggressive and intimidating so that we wouldn’t drive down “his” road. Thi turned out to be a good thing since this wasn’t the correct road!

When we finally arrived there was only one other car in the parking lot, a weird hippie van. The entire time we got ready and loaded our packs no one got in or out of the van but instead they would pull back their curtains to watch us through their windows… it was pretty creepy!

I was super sick with a bad cold and incredibly runny nose. 9 miles and 775 feet of elevation gain while sick was tough! The tissue mountain that we had in the car just became tissue pocket bulge. At the time Jeb was teaching at an elementary school, and he Jeb said I was like one of the drippy first graders at his school because I was walking around with snot hanging out of my nose…

Here is a look at the mesa that you go up to get the top. Once at the top of the mesa it was completely flat but still a little ways to get to the actual true summit. The landscape turned out to be much more beautiful and interesting than we thought it would be, there were mesas sticking up everywhere in the vicinity.

Here is the marker that designates the top! This was the most number of states that you could see from the top of any high point that we had done so far (Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico).

Jeb found the summit registry and logged our 5th high point.

People tend to leave behind weird things in with the summit registries at high points. This one had a couple dollars in it. We decided to leave it for someone else haha.

Jeb and I with the sign.

After our hike, we drove off to find dinner, and what did we find? Only another dairy queen! lol.

Oklahoma High Point Lessons learned: always bring hiking boots- learned this AGAIN (we didn’t want to bring them on our cruise that we were headed to – didn’t think about the fact that we could just leave them in the car…),“easy” high points aren’t easy when you are sick!

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