Badlands National Park

While on our Labor day weekend trip to South Dakota, we made a detour away from the Black Hills area and went to the Badlands National Park.


We didn’t have a lot of time here so we mostly just did the scenic loop drive and took some pictures. We did a few short hikes along the way as well.


Sometimes people find fossils here at this park and then inform the park service of what they’ve found. I was hoping to find some fossils haha but sadly we didn’t.


There were signs everywhere telling people to not hike on the badland formations except in specific designated areas, so as to not destroy the park. We still saw a bunch of people ignoring the signs anyways and hiking up them. I so badly wanted these people to get in trouble! I hate when people think that rules don’t apply to them…


To be honest this was one of Jeb’s lesser favorite parks. I think we felt like it was neat to see, but not necessarily as picturesque as some parks, and a lot less things to do than some other parks. My sister Natalie however, LOVED the Badlands. So to each their own 🙂


Did you see how Jeb’s shirt was ripped in the picture before? That’s a fun story. Earlier that day we went to Jewel Cave National Monument. At that park there is a tiny concrete box. In order to do the wild cave tour at that park you have to prove that you can fit through the box, otherwise you are too big to go on the tour. I would really like to go back someday to do that tour, so I forced Jeb to find out if he could fit through the box lol. At first he went into it and tried and said it was too small and got back up. I was like, no you can do it try it again. So slowly but surely, pushing with his toes, he made it through the box. But he ripped his shirt in the process!


This area seems to go on forever!


I love the color in these ones. There is a yellowish layer and even a pink looking layer. So pretty!


It was definitely a lot hotter at the Badlands than it had been over in the Black Hills area.


Gotta at least have one picture together!



Look! We saw some bighorn sheep! I definitely wasn’t expecting to see any there.



More formations…




Some pretty flowers.


We did a little bit of hiking down amongst the formations.


Definitely worth visiting this park once in your life, even if it is just for a few hours. It was definitely a big contrast from the rest of our trip that was mostly spent underground in caves!

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