Backbone Mountain

For our 4th high point, Jeb finally got his home state of Maryland! For some reason we had a lot of problems finding this one. First we had trouble with getting to the trailhead. We tried following the GPS directions but a sign that said private property kept us from going the way we wanted to go.

Then we had trouble finding the summit. We had read these directions online from summit post saying to not follow the sign that said high point. So when we found this sign, we didn’t follow it- which proved to be a big mistake! We ended up going a much more difficult route. We looked at our phones and saw that we were still in West Virginia, so we knew we needed to head east, and that’s pretty much what we went off of instead.

Jeb and I felt pretty legit as we both finally had “real” hiking pants, and “mountain” jackets, hence the matching jackets lol.

Finally we spotted orange blazes on the trees and went towards those which led us to a path, which connected us to where we would have been in the first place if we had followed the correct sign…

As was the case with the Pennsylvania high point, it proved to be more difficult than we thought it would be because of the deep snow. It was also a short but steep incline to the top.

The mailbox had the trail register in it, so we made sure to sign it and state that this was our 4th high point! This one even had a high point certificate in it.

On this trip I declared (and Jeb agreed) that “I’m on Top of the World” by imagine dragons would be our official high pointing song. Because you know we needed an official song! lol

On this hike we saw two different deer carcasses. Gross!

Also, we saw what looked like fresh bear prints. We knew we weren’t alone out there! So I started practicing my bear warning noises we had learned from the TV show ultimate survival Alaska “hey bear!” lol.

Maryland High Point Lessons Learned: a GPS would make finding places a lot easier, signs are there to be followed, expensive hiking pants get muddy 🙁 and if we continue this someday we might have to climb Denali…

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