For our east coast trip Jeb and I flew into Atlanta, Georgia. To be honest we only ended up in Atlanta because it was the cheapest city to fly to, near where we were going. But since we were there we decided to visit a couple places! I had previously eaten at the famous Varsity before on a college band trip to Atlanta, but Jeb had never been so I took him here.

I know it’s just basic unhealthy fast food, but it was pretty tasty! The little pie desserts were delicious!

The other iconic place in Atlanta is the coke museum. Again, I had been before but I wanted Jeb to go too. Plus I do love diet coke! haha.

Jeb in the museum with the free (included in the admission price) diet coke that they gave everyone.

This polar bear thing was super creepy! If I had been a kid I think I would have been terrified to have my picture taken with it!

This is supposedly the special vault that contains the secret receipt to coke. I’m sure it isn’t actually but it was kinda funny how much they build up this concept that there actually is a super secret recipe locked away that no one knows.

Jeb nervously trying one of the weird sodas from all around the world. Some were pretty good and others were absolutely disgusting. Most of them were just really sweet and seemed like they would get sickening really fast. Also I swear this tasting room is the stickiest room on the planet!

We only had a couple hours in Atlanta, but we definitely made the most of it! We even got the Varsity again in the airport when we flew out. Definitely not my favorite city, but we still had a good time!

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