Arches National Park (our 2nd time)

Jeb and I had just been to Arches National Park a month before Natalie and Bret’s road trip. But we didn’t want to miss out on seeing them (nor did we want to miss out on Arches!) so here we were, back again!


When we had been there the previous month we had done the Devil’s Garden hike and really enjoyed it, so this was where we insisted on going back to.


You hike to several arches on the trail along with hiking up actually on top of one of the fins (a really neat rock formation.) This arch is called double O. It is really cool to see a double arch!


Many inappropriate jokes were made about this rock formation. I can remember the jokes, but can’t seem to remember its actual name… lol.


Window arch is another highlight of this trail. The view through the arch is really pretty.


We took a lot of pictures here….


It is a little tricky to get the lighting right so that the arch is bright and so is the view through the arch. But I tried my best!


The four of us, on our first vacation together!


We were really glad that Natalie and Bret got to see some of the places in the West that we love.


I also like the little mini arch to the right of the big one. There are several hundred arches in the park. The park service actually keeps track of the number of arches in the park and updates it as old ones fall down and new ones are created.


They actually get pretty picky on the exact specifications as to what constitutes an arch verus for example a natural bridge.


On our way out (because as usual we got a late start and had to do a portion of the hiking back in the almost dark) we caught a really pretty sunset!


This one is a little dark but I like the contrast between the dark rocks and the colors in the sky!


We didn’t have a ton of time in the park this time but it was nice to be back! I’m sure we will be here again someday.

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