Animal Sanctuary

On our one day in Colorado with Natalie and Bret, we decided to take them to the Animal Sanctuary.


Jeb and I had been here once before and really enjoyed it so we were excited to come back.


The animal sanctuary is a place east of Denver where rescued animals (specifically big cats, bears, and wolves) have been taken to.


Unlike a zoo where you are eye level with the animals, here there is a walkway through the park above it where you can look down at the animals that are below you.


Supposedly the animals like this better and it is less intimidating to them. We saw lots of tigers, and below is the best picture I could get of a mountain lion. We joked that hopefully this was the closest we would ever be to a mountain lion.


The animals are only kept in cages when they are new to the sanctuary and still adjusting the being around other animals. The cage is actually for their protection. Once they are ready they are introduced in with the other animals of their species.


Like typical cats, the lions were all very lazy and sleepy! They really liked sunbathing.


We also so a bunch of bears. The black bears were probably some of the most fun animals to watch playing.


We also saw wolves. I thought they just looked like dogs lol, but I guess if they were next to a normal dog it would be obvious how much larger they are!


It was really exciting to see grizzly bears this up close! There were two of them in here together.


They are so much larger than black bears!


I really wanted him to jump in the water lol.


So close to getting in haha.


Servals! I had never seen African Servals before coming here. Mid size cats are my favorite because they still remind me of house cats but they look just like really big cuddly cats.


Jeb says we can’t have one as a pet 🙁


Also there were bobcats!


I love their super short tails, so cute!


There were also a couple of porcupines. They do not look cuddly like the cats!


More wolves.


This one is a little hard to see, but still really pretty.


All that playing made the bears sleepy.


I like their tunnels that they can go into. A lot of the animals have really sad stories for how they ended up here, so it is good to see them happier and healthier.


Unfortunately since our last time here they have raised the price by a lot, so it will probably be awhile before we go back. But someday we will have to because they are constantly expanding and adding more animals


Female lions there too.


White tigers are so pretty! I can imagine how neat it would be to see them out in the wild camouflaged in the snow.


A leopard that must be new to the sanctuary.


It is definitely worth it to see so many animals up close. It is a really different perspective by being up above them.

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