About Jeb and Amy

Jeb and I met on June 13th 2012 thanks to match.com! After I took more than a week to reply to Jeb’s first email Jeb was ready to be done with the site and give up on finding someone for a while. Thankfully he waited for me to reply!


(Our first picture together- 4th of July 2012)

When Jeb and I first met we were very different people. I had never camped in my life, had very little interest in the outdoors, and wasn’t nearly as adventurous. To Jeb the idea of having every weekend of his life packed with non-stop activities and planning vacations almost a year in advance would have been unheard of. Thankfully we have both changed for the better and grown together in our hobbies, ambitions, and goals!


(Our first true difficult hike together- Mt. Washington New Hampshire)

In November of 2013 Jeb and I decided we wanted to move to Colorado and didn’t want to wait years to make this dream happen. So in April of 2014 we moved to Colorado, moved in together, and started our lives together.


After a beautiful engagement in Ouray, Colorado on Christmas Eve 2014, we were headed towards our next step of planning our dream mountain wedding.


(Ouray box canyon)

Jeb and I got married on November 27th, 2015, and honeymooned in Iceland. We are loving married life before children! We plan to have kids someday, but for now we are way too busy living our adventurous lives.


(Our outdoor wedding in Alma, Colorado, above 10,000 feet and only 12 degrees outside!)


(Glacier trek in Iceland)

Whether we are hiking, camping, canyoneering, whitewater rafting, skiing, or kayaking, we are making the most of every day we have and traveling as much as we can afford! We hope you enjoy reading about our travels and we thank you for taking the time to share in our lives.

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