1 Year Anniversary- Cabin Weekend

Jeb and I have decided that every year for our Anniversary we will go on some sort of small vacation. It helps that our anniversary is around Thanksgiving so we have some time off from work! This year I booked us a cabin in Navajo State Park in Colorado.

The state park is located about 45 minutes past the town of Pagosa Springs. In order to get there you have to drive over the Wolf Creek Pass. It was funny doing this drive because there was almost no snow the entire way there, until we got to the top of the pass, and then it was like we had entered snow world! The pass is really pretty but definitely scary to drive when it is snowing! Someday we will have to ski at Wolf Creek, because their claim to fame is that they get the most snow year after year of any ski resort in Colorado.

We finally arrived at our super cute cabin! We were really excited to stay here because most state park cabins are primitive cabins (no bathrooms, electricity, or running water). But this cabin is a nice one! A bathroom with a shower, full kitchen, and everything!

Our cabin was so nice looking inside.

We really liked all of the wood and the look of this place.

Someday this is what we will want our house to look like!

Also, this couch (that is also a pull out bed) was so comfortable!

For our anniversary/thanksgiving weekend we went to the Denver Beer Company and ordered their beer and pie pairing (with the Long i Pie shop).

Our chocolate bourbon pecan pie and graham cracker porter were so delicious, especially when you microwave the pie first!

As is wedding tradition, we saved a piece (or in this case a cupcake) from our wedding cake and froze it, to eat on our one year anniversary. Our wedding cake had 3 kinds: pumpkin with cream cheese filling, peanut butter with oreo filling, and apple spice with salted caramel. All of the combinations were so good! But what we saved was one of the peanut butter oreo cupcakes. Even a year later it was still really good! One of our anniversary traditions is that we are always going to go back to the Blue Moon Bakery where we got our wedding cake and have a cupcake each year on our anniversary.

My mom made us a wedding album with pictures, and actual items from our wedding. It took her a lot of work and turned out really nice. We brought it with us to look at, to start our tradition of looking through our wedding book once a year on our anniversary.

So we definitely ate our way through our anniversary! We ordered one of our favorite pizzas, Giordano’s Pizza, shipped to us from Chicago! This cheese and meatball pizza was so good!

Since there is no internet at the cabin, Jeb and I rented a romantic movie ahead of time and downloaded it onto my Ipad so that we could watch it at our cabin! From all of the camping and traveling we do to areas without service or internet, downloading movies ahead of time has become one of our favorite things to do! (and also how I was able to catch up on 6 seasons of Game of Thrones this summer).

This is the huge reservoir where the state park is located on. This is supposed to be known as “Colorado’s Lake Powell.” It is a very popular location in the summer for boats and water sports.

The reservoir borders Colorado and New Mexico, so the other side of the water is actually New Mexico.

It was super sunny and nice in one direction and in the other direction dark and stormy as the snowy weather was rolling in!

Jeb and I had a great anniversary together and we can’t wait to celebrate all of our traditions again each year!

I wonder where we will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary from? 🙂

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